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"The commander must trust his judgement and stand like a rock on which the waves [of false intelligence] brake in vain."
-Carl von Clausewitz

private detective, private investigator, business intelligence, claes ekman, proof, evidence, lawyer, police, stockholm, sweden, berlin, germany, moscow, russia, paris, france, europa, europe, usa, new york, china, beijing, peking, commercial intelligence
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Private Detective Claes Ekman negotiating a complex international (US-European) corporate divorce settlement.
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"All ravens are black. What is not black is not a raven." - Carl Gustav Hempel

Dear Citizen!

Welcome to our Private Detective - Private Investigator - Commercial / Business Intelligence Site.

If our tactical and strategic business detective intelligence methods are adopted by our global clients during A.D. 2023, we are certain that their long-term competitiveness will be enhanced.

During 2022 we have ourselves seen a record number of assignments successfully completed. 

How can we come to possess a complete, applicable, and accurate knowledge about the future, sort of looking-around-the-corner knowledge? We have dealt with a knowledge of things and people as they were at a given moment of time. The phenomena of life which appear in the formal encyclopedias can be regarded as frozen in mid-passage. The immense accumulation of data globally as we have seen - on an ever increasing scale - would be virtually all strategic detective / corporate / business / commercial intelligence required were it not for the element of motion in human events.

The obvious fact is that practically nothing known to man stands completely still, and that the most important characteristic of man's struggle for existence is the fact of change. Knowledge devised to fit the requirements of corporate / private strategy must everlastingly take into account this fact of change. As another matter of fact, the direction of change is sometimes more important to know about than the absolutes of quantity, extent, effect, et cetera. This matter of direction is one of highest significance.

In carrying out a vast amount of enormously complicated business we must be foresighted. We should be prepared for the future; we should put every effort into being well-girded for its contingencies; we must not be caught off balance by an unexpected happening. In the perfect grand business detective intelligence strategy nothing that happens can have been unexpected. The knowledge at issue is sometimes, or often, speculative; the obtaining of it puts a very high premium on the seeker's power of evaluation and reasoned extrapolition.

[Speculative] knowledge is the rarest ingredient in the output of business detective intelligence and is produced only by the most competent participants this industry possess. It requires of its producers that they be masters of the subject matter, impartial in the presence of new evidence, ingenious in the development of research techniques, imaginative in their hypotheses, sharp in the analysis of their own predilections or prejudices, and skillful in the presentation of their conclusions. It requires of its producers the best in professional training, the highest intellectual integrity, and a very large amount of worldly wisdom. In this case, what I am speaking of is not the important but gross substance which can be called recorded fact; it is that subtle form of knowledge which comes from a set of well-stocked and well-ordered brain cells.

My point is that not just anyone can hold a professional job in an intelligence organisation. My point is that a business intelligence organisation is a strange and wonderful collection of devoted specialists molded into a vigorous producing unit. That employees in such organisations, and within industry at large, must be loyal and discrete goes without saying. The golden word of business intelligence is silence. More can be lost by saying too much too soon than by saying too little, too slowly. The core and security of business counter-intelligence is - secrecy. "Loose lips sink ships" as the saying goes. Free and constructive companies (and societies), as well as closed ones, need to have intelligence services, otherwise the closed ones will take the free ones over.

When a business intelligence producer - or a business intelligence group as Walhallen - realizes that there is no sense in forwarding to a commercial client / consumer / customer knowledge which does not correspond to preconceptions, then intelligence is through. At this point there is neither tactical- or strategic business intelligence and the client is out on his own with no more to guide him than the indications of the tea leaf and the crystal ball. He may do well with them, but for the long haul I would place my money elsewhere. 

Without discarding intuition as invariably a false friend, I would urge the consumer to use it with a full knowledge of its frailties. When the findings of the business intelligence arm are regularly ignored by the consumer, and this because of consumer intuition, he should recognize that he is turning his back on the two instruments which Western man has so successfully deployed, since Aristotle steadily enlarged his horizon of knowledge - the instruments of reason and scientific method.

By using its backlog of experience it [business intelligence] can anticipate - even create - consumer demand for a new product, but only by maintaining the quality can it expect continuous acceptance. Like many a producer of consumers' goods, business intelligence will have its greatest marketing success when its product bears the unmistakable signs of superior research, cautious development, sound design, and careful production.

Unless the kind of knowledge here under discussion is complete, accurate, and timely, and unless it is applicable to a problem (or an opportunity) which is up or coming up, it is useless. In this proposition is recognized the fact that business intelligence is not knowledge for knowledge's sake alone, but that business intelligence is knowledge for the practical matter of taking action.

Knowledge or truth is not the final objective or aim of the Company, Corporation or Business; it is victory in markets, domestic and global. Business is a struggle, in essence like warfare. We should be effective, primarily; and efficient if possible. The intelligence division or staff should be considered sub-contractors to top management; the consumer-s of the business intelligence product. 

To include general security, e g Internet security, into the functional discipline of corporate intelligence, would often be both natural, rational, and optimal; as security in a sense could be considered the counter-intelligence in a company. I am, however, concerned with the point that security is like armour. You can pile on armour until the business inside is absolutely safe and absolutely useless. Both producers and consumers of business intelligence have their secrets, and in safeguarding them they can so insulate themselves that they are unable to serve their raisons d'etre - reasons for being.

Business intelligence, as a state-of-the-art discipline, can not be just a hunch; it should be organized with a defined management objective. Not only should it give you the tools to measure, but also competitor and environmental knowledge to be able to - again mentioning it - "look around the corner" in a systematic and precise way.

In newer times to come, we remain,

yours sincerely

Claes Reinhold Ekman

Chairman, Walhallen (Private Detective) Group

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Private Detective Claes Ekman - Walhallen Europadetektiv - after some serious investigator / business intelligence negotiations early 2016 regarding corporate fraud and debt collection in Europe and USA. We may appear rough and tough, mean and lean, albeit, mostly we construct "golden bridges" for our clients' adversaries to retreat upon.