"If the heavenly host should beg me to come to live in heaven above, I
shall say: Do not give me heaven; give me the motherland I love." V.Putin
"Just because you don't believe in something, doesn't mean it is not true."

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Private Detective Yuliya Vavilova

Private Detective Yuliya Vavilova


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Intelligence is inherently connected to the competition among nations and businesses; and that absent something akin to Kant’s “perpetual peace”, intelligence will, like diplomacy and security, remain a regular tool of statecraft and company management. The  fundamental questions about the proper role of intelligence, detective/investigator/security work, and secrecy in a democracy are certainly in ascendency.
Admiral ‘Blinker’ Hall, head of British naval intelligence, told his colleagues at the end of  the Great War: ‘I want to give you a word of warning. Hard and bitter as the battle has been, we now have to face a far more ruthless foe. A foe that is hydra-headed and whose evil power will spread over the whole world. That foe is Soviet Russia.’
This was said, I must add, before women – even in Sweden until 1919 – had voting rights; twelve years after the last Namibian pygmies left New York’s Bronx Zoo (not as visitors, but as objects of visitors’ gazing); and when most of the world’s population was under colonialism and dictatorship.

This very year, simultaneously as Lord Hall’s words were uttered, the rout of the White Army (counter-revolutionaries) was followed by our (Russian) defeat in Poland, where the Red Army almost reached Warsaw before both sides were forced to accept Lord Curzon’s settlement terms in 1920. The British ultimatum forced us to halt offensive operations, enabling Britain and France to use the ensuing pause to supply Poland with weapons and ammunition.
Bear in mind that the armaments stock, in tonnes, was vastly greater in 1920 - after the Great War had finished - than it was in 1943, at the height of the Second World War. This meant that Poland, naturally directed by the West as it had always been until Iosif Vissarionovitj Dzjugasjvili (more known by his nome de guerre Josef Stalin - Stalin meaning Steelman) took charge, had the largest ever bomb- and ammunition supply at hand in the history of mankind.
The Polish troops counter-attacked and occupied the Western Ukraine and Western Byelorussia (byelo means white in Russian). This despite a weak [Polish] organisation, mentality and military tradition. Later, years later, they (Polish troops) were to exclaim: "Anglio! Twoje dzieto." We'd retort and recommend: "Ukaipa dziwa kuwina." The weakest link in our rough justice and defence was intelligence, and putting trust in words rather than deeds.
What was in short supply was intelligence, intelligence, intelligence... This is a very satisfying intellectual experience in a linear description of events; always knowing what was not [available, i e intelligence], rather than knowing what was. By intelligence I mean not intelligent science per se, that is where the concept of a struggle with nature is only a metaphor, as nature, although sometimes complicated and difficult to understand, is indifferent to human efforts and is not purposefully acting to obstruct scientists. 

I here refer to “intelligence” as a certain kind of knowledge, to the activity of obtaining knowledge of this kind, and to the organisation whose function is to obtain it. Intelligence involves a real struggle with human opponents, for information broadly defined, overtly or covertly obtained, and jealously guarded; by private detective-s / private investigator-s in the daily turmoil of international commerce and industry. Fundamentally, intelligence seeks access to information some other party is trying to deny.
Undoubtedly, ours is the best intelligence service there has ever been. We [Russians] have a tradition of foresight and patience. You have to make some allowance for what we've been through at the hands of foreign invaders - we're sensitive on the area of getting our people involved with foreigners. You can understand even if you don't agree.
Struggles in the secret world are obviously not always movie-style exploits, but are often the same sort of bureaucratic battles that take place in industry, commerce or government. However, we can express and pronounce "skazhi net!"
Other people [than the Polish], like the Indians - not the proud tomahawk carriers who had voting rights in their native North America - but the oppressed variant of the great subcontinent of South Asia, were also forced into the conflict, expected to bring their Tipperary lawyers into battle, told to die for an idea of freedom that they were at that very moment brutally denied.
"Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen" - "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent," as a famous Teutonic philosopher once wrote. Later, in 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister, expressed that "at last, the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance."
All in all, it simply won’t do henceforth. Whether Lord this and Lord that were opinionated, villains like Reilly (a British adventurer and spy), neither kings like Karl XII, nor emperors like Napoleon Bonaparte et al, will be allowed by sovjetskij tjelovek to roam free, and understandably so.
Those were the days... At present, I and we at Walhallen Europadetektiv, can assure investors in, and visitors to, Russia, Ukraine and the former USSR, that attitudes have changed dramatically; and we provide the ultimate private detective protection, i e substantiated information, which like any other commodity requires a certain amount of nervus belli, as well as admissible evidence and proof when and where necessary.
Explaining Russia, it must be said that the rus people came predominantly from Sweden – rus in urbe – and Könagård, or Kaenugardar [Kiev], was always historically the capital city of Gårdarike, or Svitjod inn mikla [Russia], and the outstandingly largest Swedish (Viking)-run city. (The Finns still call Sweden Routsi and Russia Routskie, purporting and implying strong population ties.)
We take pride in combining private detective / private investigator efficiency and effectiveness with long traditions of common heritage – lenitate et clementia.
Since the Velikij Oktjabrin vojna i mir - , we [Russians] have endured the Holodomoras well as perestroika, glasnost, novoe mysjlenie and zapadnitjestwo [Westernization], for good and bad. It is said that Peter the Great was the disciple and Lenin the lecturing master. We will let Judge Time decide who’s learning whom what, and when.

Winston Churchill voiced that Russia is ‘a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.' The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.
Russia is neither Ultima Thule or Mare Tenebrarum (Sea of Darkness), albeit da, yes, in Russia truth is sometimes stranger than fiction – and, being quite au fait, she (Russia) belongs to communitas mortalium, not being a life-long indignée of Europe. To navigate the ‘sistema’ though, you do not need ‘maskirovka’, but alas, a feeling for what is ‘Russkaya’ and what is ‘Rossiiskaya’.
The land of Tolstoy and Dostojevskij has given much to the world, also sending the first human - Jurij Gagarin - into space, and now deserves something back; not being treated en canaille or regarded as irredenta. We are neither overly paranoid or suspicious, albeit the Anglo/U.S. great strategy has always aimed for the fragmentation of Eurasia, eventually drawing Ukraine into NATO, setting the stage for Russian disintegration.
Even serious American analysts admit that this is to break a promise, and that there is some truth to it; as well as trying to take advantage of our economy at this time, creating chaos and poverty. Things change, and the unexpected should be expected. We know how quickly the absurd becomes possible.
Rudyard Kipling in the 1880’s stated that "east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet;" however, at Walhallen Europadetektiv ends meet, and we undertake private detective / private investigator assignments ranging in origin from China, the Middle East, Russia, all of Europe, to North- and South America. We assist companies, organisations, courts and families / individuals, globally – short on promises, long on fulfilment.
Walhallen private detective-s / private investigator-s provide-s not just admissible evidence, but the academic and professional credibility needed to participate in a comprehensive and complex legal process.
In times of change learners inherit the earth; the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. The global Mafia, or Banda-Bandera / Vor v zakone / Organizatsiya / Mafiya / Tolkachi / Iniye as they are called in my country, is like a beautiful mackerel in the sunshine – the longer it’s out there, the worse it smells; or does cooking fish (meat) require some oil, as a former famous mayor of Chicago insisted?
Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires learning and implementing collective action, not in vitro, and not ex parte. We want to be heard. We express our point of view as we deem necessary. Obey little. Resist much.

The truth can be looked at through many pairs of spectacles, and the pairs I use, for ulterior purposes, are not supplied by SMERSH [Smert Shpionam], nor by Komsomol.

Some people - often competing private detectives / private investigators - ask me how I feel living under a dictatorship. Not every English sentence beginning with the word "how" or "why" or "when" is a legitimate question; like, for example, "when did you stop bludgeon your cat?" We have an elected president - who was elected with a very high margin - and who is still popular, more popular than, I would guess, any other European president amongst his/her people.

The elected president of Ukraine, however, was ousted in 2014, after riots that killed more than 100 persons. The people of some regions, like Crimea, which was a token geographical present from Nikita Chrusjtjov within the USSR in 1954, revolted consciously and the overwhelming majority choose to return to Russia.

Ukraine - or, as called historically, the Ukraine - as a word, means Frontier or the Frontier; no more, no less, and a great many people suffer due to [this] blatant ignorance. So, some people tell me to be happy and listen to the latest (2008-2016) U.S. president (of all persons)! Some British journalists ask about Russian "little green men" entering Crimea... Does this question exists on a different plane, or in a different dimension, beyond the zones where evidence can reach? Do you see green as I do?

And we - I can assure we are united - do not believe in broadcasted transsexual propaganda to our youth, nor having mosques scattered around Moscow, St Petersburg, Odesa, or any other beautiful Russian [-built] city. We'll look Uncle Sam in the eyes on these or any other issues - with a look that brooks no small talk. 

Solitude is a beautiful thing; but it is necessary for someone to say to you that solitude is a beautiful thing.
Please contact me, or our Chairman - who has worked as a siloviki at international diplomatic Embassies / Legations of the USSR; da, pravda - for any assignment or challenge, whether in CIS countries or globally, and we’ll assist you in doppia fila.
Spasibo / Thank you.
Yuliya Vavilova
Yuliya Vavilova
PS. Our pro bono work chiefly concerns locating biological parents for adopted children worldwide.



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